Unveiling a new era of ceramic artistry and opulence with Bonzer7

For more than two decades, AGL Tiles has reigned supreme in the ceramic industry, establishing itself as a dominant force. However, this story took an extraordinary turn in 2007, when they embarked on a journey of expansion and paved the way for Bonzer7.

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To become a one stop solution to fulfil the aesthetic needs of building & construction industry of India.


To be a leading manufacturer that delivers best quality and innovative products through retail network establishment.

Exquisite designs, perfect detailing

Bonzer7 surpasses expectations with stunning designs and meticulous detailing.

Leading premium ceramic brand:

Bonzer7 is a trusted industry leader, offering a complete range of top-quality wall and floor solutions.

Preferred by professionals and homeowners:

Architects, designers, builders, and homeowners choose Bonzer7 for its creative product solutions and unmatched quality.

Elevating expectations:

Bonzer7 sets new standards with innovative ceramic solutions that inspire and enhance any space.